Convention Workshops

If 2024 AATF Convention Registration has already been purchased and you would like to add tickets for different events (Welcome Luncheon, Workshops, Evening Activities, etc.), please contact EVENTS to discuss the next steps.

Workshop Information

Workshops will be held through out the 2024 AATF Convention.

Each workshop requires an additional $30 ticket purchase. 

Workshop #1 - Monday, July 8th, 2024 8h30-11h30

Workshop #2 - Monday, July 8th, 2024 13h00-14h45

Workshop #3 - Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 8h30-11h00

Presenter - Jennifer Schwester 
Mindful Moves: Integrating Social Emotional Learning in French Class
Teachers will work on mindfulness strategies that they can use for themselves and their students. This interactive workshop will allow teachers to deepen their own skills, take some time for self-care, and share those techniques with students in the target language. Learning how to be in the present moment helps to create a greater sense of community in the classroom​​ and help teachers and students navigate the ever-changing world. This is an "active" workshop, so attendees will experience first-hand what they can do and how the different activities feel. While the workshop will be taught in English, links and examples will be provided in French so teachers can provide these skills to their students while adapting to each proficiency level.
Presenter - Janel Lafond-Paquin 
Élise Gravel, Andrée Poulin – auteures de jeunesse qui font du bien!
La diversité en formes variées, l’immigration, la pollution plastique, le changement climatique – voici quelques-uns des thèmes abordés dans les livres de jeunesse que ces deux auteures québécoises écrivent. Même si les textes sont parfois présentés pour enfants, il y a beaucoup de leçons pour tous les niveaux. Soit grammaire ou vocabulaire soit sujets de discussion, ces thèmes quotidiens sont engageants et offrent beaucoup de possibilités! Venez apprendre, pour partager avec vos étudiants à votre retour!
Presenter - Steven James Sacco
Grant-Getting: A Strategy for World Language Departments to Survive and Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Era of University Program Elimination
Grant-getting is a proven strategy to strengthen and preserve world language programs. In this workshop, we will discuss public and private funding sources that have been supporting world language programs for decades. The workshop presenter, a fundraising veteran, will discuss (1) all pertinent funding programs, (2) successful grant-getting strategies, (3) forging partnerships across campus, and (4) developing partnerships with external constituents. A handout will include eligible funding sources, project abstracts, and successful grant-getting strategies.