American Association of
Teachers of French

The AATF is the only national association devoted exclusively to the needs of French teachers at all levels. Our community of French educators at all levels works to promote and defend French programs, create and disseminate useful materials for the classroom, and provide opportunities to recognize professional excellence and student achievement. We sponsor the National French Contest, French National Honor Society, and National French Week and publish the French Review and the National Bulletin.

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Our Mission

"The mission of the American Association of Teachers of French is to promote throughout North America the teaching and learning of the French language and French-speaking cultures and civilizations. Our professional organization welcomes and supports educators of French at all academic levels as they seek to broaden their own and their students’ linguistic and cultural horizons to foster and strengthen cross-cultural understanding.

It encourages reciprocal communication between all levels of the teaching of French in North America.

It shall publish the French Review, which shall reflect the interests of all members of the Association."

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The AATF exists to support teachers of French in the U.S. Our mission is to support all efforts destined to advance the French language as well as all French-speaking literatures and cultures. We encourage collaboration among teachers in the public and private sectors, as well as among all levels of teaching. We strive to provide members with the tools needed to advocate for French study and promote the teaching and learning of French in their schools and communities.

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The AATF is divided into nine regions with approximately 70 local chapters. Most chapters include the whole state, although some larger states have several chapters (New York, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, etc.). Chapters have their own constitutions and officers and may levy additional chapter dues in addition to national dues. Chapter membership is optional, but we encourage members to take advantage of the resources and networking that is available locally.

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