SHF at Your School

Requirements for Maintaining / Starting an Active SHF Chapter

There are 3 basic requirements for your school to maintain an active French Honor Society which are detailed below. 

            Please note: Graduation regalia cannot be ordered unless all three below steps are completed and current.

Requirement 1 - The teachers sponsoring the school's SHF chapter must have Active Membership with the AATF
The sponsoring teacher of the Honor Society Chapter needs to have their own individual membership with the AATF 
  • AATF membership is $55 (+ any optional local chapter dues) per calendar year (January 1st - December 31st) and must be renewed annually.
  • AATF membership can be purchased one of two ways:
Not sure if your AATF Membership is active? Make sure you've logged into the site, and check your Member Compass here. It should show "active member until December 31st, 2024" on the right side like below:

Requirement 2 - Maintain an active SHF Charter to keep your SHF Chapter Active
The SHF Charter is what makes your school's honor society chapter active and allows students to become official members and be eligible for contests & scholarships, as well as wear SHF regalia at graduation
  • SHF Charters can be purchased or renewed  here via our online store
  • SHF Charters remain active as long as at least one student has been inducted in the last 2 years

Not sure if your school's SHF charter is active? Check the Active SHF Chapter Directory here

Requirement 3 - Eligible students must be formally inducted into your SHF Chapter through the AATF
Inducting students into your SHF Chapter costs $4 per student and formally makes your student part of the SHF.
  • Inductions come with an editable digital certificate which can be customized and printed off for your ceremony.
  • SHF Inductions can be purchased online with multiple payment options (invoice, card or ACH)

 Click here to purchase inductions 

    • ******please note: users must be Active, Current AATF Members AND logged into the site in order to purchase
Additional, optional  printed induction certificates (as well as other SHF merchandise like Graduation regalia) may be purchased for students at the AATF-Boutique if desired, ONLY after the above three mandatory requirements are met.

All 3 requirements met? Great! You're all set! If you want to order additional graduation regalia, merchandise, or other items to celebrate your SHF chapter and student members, check out the AATF-Boutique page here.

Additional Information Regarding SHF Policy & Procedures

To meet the basic requirements to be eligible to join the SHF, the student must:
  1. Be enrolled in at least their fourth semester of French (e.g.: the second semester of French II or higher).
  2. Be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade (or a 9th grader who has met criteria 1 above in Jr High School or Middle School).
  3. Have earned at least an A minus (or the equivalent) in French for the previous three consecutive semesters.
  4. Currently have a grade of A minus (or the equivalent) in their current French course at the time of induction.
The National SHF Constitution lays out in further detail who is eligible for membership with the French Honor Society, eligibility in specific circumstances (e.g.: transfer students, students who are homeschooled, etc.), and other SHF policies.
  • The complete text of the SHF National Constitution may be found here
If you wish to create your own local school-level SHF Constitution, you are encouraged to do so. Please note, local chapter constitutions may exceed the above requirements, but not lower the requirements for SHF membership.
There is no set ceremony, wording, script, etc. that must be followed for ceremonies inducting SHF students into the school SHF Charter.
Several sponsors have generously shared some of the documents they use for the initiation ceremonies, local constitutions, and SHF activities. Feel free to use them or be inspired by them, giving credit if appropriate.
If you would be willing to share documents you have found useful in your own SHF Chapter, please contact the Honor Society Secretary.

The Annual Report is a chance to let us know what your chapter has accomplished this school year

The Annual Report form can be found here

Additional questions? Check the SHF FAQ here