Info for JAF Sponsors

JAF Sponsors must have current AATF membership
  • AATF membership is $55 (+ any optional local chapter dues) per calendar year (January 1st - December 31st) and must be renewed annually.
  • AATF membership can be purchased one of two ways:
    • For new members:  Online Purchase of AATF Membership via our store using credit card, ACH, or invoice or
    • For existing members: Create a new account if you have not since 1/31/24 [instructions found here] and log in. Navigate to your Member Compass (found on the top right side of the page). There you will find an outstanding membership invoice if you have not paid for the current calendar year
        •  If you wish to pay via check please mail payment to 7333 W Jefferson Ave, Suite 240 Lakewood, CO 80235

JAF Charters are associated with a single school (elementary, middle, or junior high). JAF Charters can be purchased for $10. JAF Charters remain active by inducting at least 1 student every 2 years.

An inactive JAF Charter can be activated by paying the $10 JAF Charter fee. Click HERE for additional JAF Charter information.

If JAF sponsorship has changed to a new AATF member, please notify the SHF/JAF secretary to update JAF Charter records.

JAF Induction Fees of $4 per student are paid to AATF for official JAF membership. Click HERE for instructions on paying induction fees.
Orders for most JAF merchadise, physical certificates (JAF Induction Fees include an emailed certificate template that can be printed by the school), etc will be placed through the AATF-Boutique. Click HERE for information on this 3rd party vendor and order placing instructions.
The National JAF Constitution can be found HERE.  The requirements for JAF Inductee eligibility must be the base line for any local JAF Constitution. Local JAF charters are able to exceed these requirements, but not lower the requirements for JAF membership.
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Additional Questions?
    • AATF Membership questions can be answered by calling our office at 815-310-0490 or reaching out by email to AATF National HQ.
    • For JAF related questions, please check out all the tabs on the JAF pages of our site above, or contact the Honor Society Secretary.