After induction fees have been paid, sponsors are able to purchase additional physical certificates, merchandise, etc. from the AATF-Boutique.
    • This company is a 3rd party vendor that handles the order and fulfillment of SHF merchandise.
    • Any orders placed through the AATF-Boutique will need to have separate payment from orders placed with AATF (Student Induction Fees, AATF membership, etc.).
All purchases from the AATF-Boutique are optional

The AATF-Boutique is a third party organization (National Awards) who handles all orders and order fulfillment of items found on their site here. The majority of JAF materials (apparel, physical certificates, etc.) are processed by the AATF-Boutique.
The purchase of any item in the AATF-Boutique is optional.
In 2022, the SHF/JAF National Council recognized the need for a better option to support the growing needs of JAF sponsors. It was decided to contract with the AATF-Boutique (run by National Awards) for the fulfillment of JAF merchandise, graduation regalia, and a variety of other products. This allows for a wider selection of items with which to honor the student members of the JAF Charters. The better pricing for these items and the faster turn around time for order fulfillment were also considered to be beneficial to the AATF members.
The JAF Induction Fee of $4 per student is for official JAF membership. Student names are recorded when orders are processed. A certificate template is emailed to the JAF sponsor upon processing completion of the JAF Induction Fee order. JAF Induction Fee products can be accessed HERE. (Please note users must be logged into their AATF account to view/purchase JAF Induction Fees)
These certificates are available to be personalized and printed, at your school or local print shop, for students whose induction fees were included in this paid order. Certificates look nice when printed in color on a heavier paper like cardstock. 
The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) is the only national association devoted exclusively to the needs of French teachers at all levels. Our community of French educators at all levels works to promote and defend French programs, create and disseminate useful materials for the classroom, and provide opportunities to recognize professional excellence and student achievement.
The AATF sponsors the National French Contest, Société Honoraire de Français, Jeunes Amis du Français, and National French Week and publish the French Review and the National Bulletin.
The AATF-Boutique is a third party organization (National Awards) who handles all orders and order fulfillment of items found on their site here. The majority of SHF materials (apparel, graduation regalia, etc.) are processed by the AATF-Boutique.
The AATF-Boutique fills all AATF orders for graduation regalia (stoles, cords, etc.) for SHF Charters.
The AATF-Boutique offers a variety of JAF materials as well.
The AATF-Boutique also offers optional, additional printed induction certificates which you may purchase as well if you would like, though the purchase of the student inductions themselves includes a printable certificate.

 Once you've put the desired items in your cart use the following steps to place your order.

  • Go to check out,
  • Login or create an account if needed
    • please note, this login is separate from your AATF website login),
  • Fill in shipping/billing info and other info as requested on the screens
  • On the final check out screen instructions for paying via credit card, check, or PO can be found.

The AATF-Boutique accepts payment via credit card, check, or PO.
Once an order has been created, the final screen for check out has instructions for the different payment methods.
SHF sponsors must place any order for graduation regalia, SHF certificates, pins, or seals.
Parents, students, etc are able to place orders for SHF apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts), drink ware (tumblers, water bottles, mugs), and more. These make great gifts to celebrate the inductee!
Please note that actual student inductions must still be purchased through the AATF which can be done on our site here.