JAF Inductions

You must induct at least one (1) student every 2 years in order for your JAF Charter to remain active. 
Student names must be given when induction fees are paid for official JAF membership. 
All induction fees come with a downloadable PDF certificate template that can be personalized with the student’s name and printed. Certificates look nice when they are printed on a heavier weight of paper and in color.

How to Induct students into the JAF
  • Inductions into your JAF Chapter cost $4 per student. This Induction Fee gives the student official membership in the JAF.
  • JAF Inductions can be purchased online with multiple payment options: 
    • Here via our online store [please note: users must be logged in to the site in order to purchase]
        • If you wish to pay via PO or check, please order through the store and select "invoice" at purchase.
        • The invoice can be used to generate POs or cut a check.
          • Please mail payment to 7333 W Jefferson Ave, Suite 240 Lakewood, CO 80235
Additional Questions?
    • AATF Membership questions can be answered by calling our office at 815-310-0490 or reaching out by email to AATF National HQ.
    • For SHF related questions, please check out all the tabs on the SHF pages of our site above, or contact the Honor Society Secretary.