Why Participate in Le Grand Concours?

Some testimonials:

From Mme Walker's 4th grade students:

-That was fun!
-It wasn't as hard as I thought!
-That was more fun than French our regular French class!  (Though class is fun, too!)

 From Mme Leslie's French 3 students:

As far as tests are concerned, this one was rather enjoyable, they told me, 
 "Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday morning..."
"Fun, even!"

ALL levels have been extremely engaged while taking this exam. 

Mme Enzor-Finelli:

"When I sent out the testing info to excuse my students from first period, I got multiple emails from faculty/staff saying how cool they thought it was and that they didn't even know it existed! I'm excited to have another occasion to promote our French program!"

M. Johnson:

"The National French Contest seems much more student and teacher friendly now that it ever has been. I have taught French for 48 years and have been involved with AATF
and the NFE the whole time. Everything seems more welcoming,inclusive,and supportive than ever."

Videos from:

M. Ausseil from the Ambassade de France à Washington

M. Labat from the Consulat Général de France à Los Angeles

M. Ouellette from the Consulat Général de France à Boston

Students who have participated

Venez nombreux!