High School French Teacher (Pleasant Hill, IA)

Iowa, Full Time, High School,

Location: Pleasant Hill, IA

School Name: Southeast Polk High School 

Status: Full Time

Level: High School

Contact: Steve Pettit 515-967-6631 or e-mail: stephen.pettit@southeastpolk.org

Description: Iowa Licensure with support in transition if not currently licensed in Iowa.

French 1, 2, 3 position in a large 9-12 district covering eastern suburbs of Des Moines. French 4 is an option if candidate has masters with 18 credits of French. If interested, contact Steve Pettit and let anyone you leave a message know you are calling about the French opening. This is currently a two person program and we hope to keep that going!

French and Spanish candidates are also favorable candidates for this position with the current French/Spanish flexing into French as needed.

Please call immediately if you have any interest to get more information or to initiate applying.

From other teacher: French 1, 2, 3.. Admin tries to support us from having to teach 4 different levels unless desired. Current teacher is leaving teaching and second teacher is going to the Junior High a block away to teach French and Spanish and traveling to teach French 4 at the high school. The High School is on block schedule. The Junior High has an 8 period day.

This person could possibility teach level 4 if desired and with credentials to teach concurrent class at the high school paired to Des Moines Community College (typically referred to as DMACC is tMasters including 18 hours graduate level French credits. French and Spanish combination would also work, but the core of the position is definitely French.

Southeast Polk High School is on the east edge of Pleasant Hill, IA. Our freshmen are moving to the Junior High this year, so it will be a 10-12 building. Pleasant Hill is an eastern suburb of Des Moines.

Iowa Teaching License. Administration is supportive in license transitions for people moving into the state.