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Jeunes Amis du Français

The AATF and the Société Honoraire de Français (SHF) are pleased to announce the formation of a new honor society for middle and elementary school students. The new society, called Jeunes Amis du Français (JAF), was approved by vote of the SHF sponsors. The Jeunes Amis du Français will function similarly to the SHF. Any middle or elementary school teacher can request a JAF Charter for a one-time fee. Because of the diversity of middle school and elementary school programs, a school must select the Cultural or Academic option. Each chapter must induct students at least once per year in order to remain active.

The sponsoring teacher must be a current AATF member.

There is a per student induction fee. Each student will receive a certificate attesting to his or her membership. Additional materials will be available for purchase. Membership in the JAF does not imply membership in the SHF nor give the student the right to SHF materials.

JAF materials are also available through the on-line store.

Created: January 29, 2015
Last update:  April 19, 2019