On-line Testing FAQ

Q: [What equipment is needed?]
A: Students will need access to a device connected to the internet: computer (PC or Mac), tablet or phone with internet access. Students will also need headphones or earbuds for the listening comprehension section. Students are also allowed one sheet of scratch paper, to be provided by the teacher and collected by the teacher at the end of the Contest.

Q: [Do I need a neutral proctor?]
A: No! you may proctor your own students.

Q: [Do students need to take the entire Contest at one time?]
A: No! The on-line Contest is divided into Part A (Listening Comprehension) and Part B (Language in Context and Reading Comprehension.) Students may take the entire Contest in a one hour session, or they may take take Part A one day and Part B the next.

Q: [Do students need to all test at the same time?]
A: No! Answers to Contest questions are randomized, so students in a level are not required to test at the same time.

Q: [What do I do if the computer freezes or crashes during on-line test?]
A: Please send an email to director@frenchcontest.org with details of the student: name, ID, time of error, etc. Then, return to the site and log the student in again. If the student has saved the work, his/her answers will still be available. If not, the student may need to restart from the beginning of the section. Please include all details in your email to the Director.