On-line testing troubleshooting
tips and FAQ

Students are not able to access the 2019 Contest

Make sure you are testing during the approved testing period
Make sure you have activated the Student group. (video)

The sound doesn’t work or the Contest isn’t loading. What do I do?

Do you offer phone support?

Support requests should be made in writing. If there is a problem, we will need details of the problem such as the student’s user id, Contest level, etc. We have a large volume of questions on every possible topic related to the Contest and will help you as soon as possible.

Please make your question specific. Examples: “Student id _____ is not able to log on to level __ practice tests.” “Student id _____ in level ___  laptop battery died in the middle of the Contest – what do I do?” We need the student id to check the account to see if we can resolve the problem. Send your request to support@frenchcontest.org

Can we do make up Contest if student is absent or ill on date of testing?

Because we still offer paper and pencil testing we cannot allow make-up tests in one format but not the other, so we do not offer make-up tests for any format.

Can I see how students did?

Can I switch to paper?