There are significant financial implications of cancelling testing.  The AATF has made commitments and already incurred expenses with our technology supplier, awards supplier, test development and others with the understanding that the testing fees collected would be used to cover those commitments. 

We realize 2020 is quite an unusual situation, but we need to ensure the financial stability of the Contest as well as the many partners we work with and to ensure fairness to those who tested earlier in the Contest window. Therefore, in the event of cancelled testing, no refunds can be made. We are, however, working to expand the options open to teachers for extended dates or alternate testing.  Thank you for your understanding.


Contest materials

No refunds will be issued for either on-line testing materials or paper and pencil testing materials. Once a teacher submits registration the teacher is obligated to pay for the students registered.  Because AATF is a non-profit organization, we cannot absorb the cost of allowing deletions, partial deletions or of issuing refunds.

Review materials or awards

No refunds will be issued for any products: review materials (test booklets or CDs), medals, certificates, etc. because they may be easily copied or duplicated.


Teacher and School Information

All teacher and school information submitted to the National French Contest by teachers through the test registration process remains private and is not shared with any third party.  However, the National French Contest does share teacher and school information with affiliated organizations:  ProProfs (the National French Contest’s on-line test provider, and the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).

Student Information

All student information submitted to the National French Contest (NFC) by teachers/parents remains private and is not shared with any third parties.  However, student information necessary to identify students will be shared with ProProfs (NFC’s on-line test provider) as part of the on-line testing process. Information shared with the test provider will include student name (or an alpha numeric code to identify student), an alpha numeric code to identify school/teacher, level and division of Contest and score on the Contest.

Student Results

All scores generated from the National French Contest remain private.  The National French Contest only releases score for a student to the teacher/parent who registered that student.


For on-line testing

The usernames and passwords for all tests ordered through the on-line registration process are delivered to the teacher who registered those students via an email from the National French Contest ( or by notification from the National French Contest’s on-line test provider (ProProfs).

For FLES paper and pencil testing

Materials will be shipped to the neutral party in advance of the date requested by the teacher at the time of registration. When materials arrive they should be verified against the order immediately. Any discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours. Discrepancies reported after that time may incur additional shipment charges.