Fees Charged by Local Chapters

Chapters charge a fee, in addition to National fees to cover local expenses such as chapter prizes, scholarships, etc. These fees will be reflected in the total amount due of your Contest order. Questions about local fees? Contact your Contest Administrator

Chapter Chapter fee Chapter award
Alabama $2.00 Amazon gift cards 
Arizona $2.00 Chapter prizes: gift cards, French flair and other prizes
Arkansas $3.50 Prize money for top 3 state winners in each level.  It also gives us extra money in our chapter for grants, scholarships and awards for students and teachers.
California, Northern $0.50 Tombola pour les élèves gagnants - bourses pour les niveaux 4, 5 ; Cadeaux d'encouragement pour nouveaux profs et aussi de remerciement pour profs très fidèles (participants depuis plus de 5 ans) ; - Organisation d'un "happy hour" pour rencontrer profs et présenter le grand concours ;  Allocation (stipend) de l'administrateur 
California, San Diego $0.00 n/a
California, Southern $1.00 Refreshments and small gifts for the laureats at the Remise des Prix ceremony we hold in May
Colorado and Wyoming $0.25 Funds to support Title I schools who are interested in participating, providing breakfast at the November CO/WY professional development atelier (with a sign stating that the breakfast is provided by the GC), saving up to provide a special breakfast for participating teachers
Connecticut $0.00 n/a
Delaware $2.00 Chapter Awards - monetary awards to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the state level
Florida $1.00 student scholarships and teacher grants
Georgia $0.00 n/a
Hawaii $0.00 n/a
Idaho $0.00 n/a
Illinois, Chicago and Northern $1.50 Teachers who register their students will receive an Amazon gift card to buy prizes of their choice, t-shirts will be sent out to top scorers in each level
Illinois, Downstate $1.50 Teachers who register their students will receive an Amazon gift card to buy prizes of their choice, t-shirts will be sent out to top scorers in each level
Indiana $1.00 Monetary awards sent to teachers to use for students in chapter ranks 1-10; based on chapter enrollment and results
Indiana, Northwest $1.50 Chapter medals for top 5 from each level, a small gift card for each chapter winner, light refreshments for award ceremony each May, and mailing of chapter awards
Iowa $0.50 Student cash awards to students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the state
Kansas $0.00 n/a
Kentucky $0.00 n/a
Louisiana $0.50 certificates and a trophy for the top student
Maine $0.50 Local scholarships Chapter offers to teachers and students to continue their French studies during the summer
Maryland $0.00 n/a
Massachusetts, Eastern $1.00 Promote membership in the Eastern Mass AATF chapter, and plan and host events in order to recruit new AATF members and support participating schools
Massachusetts, Western and Vermont $0.00 n/a
Michigan $1.00 Small prize for each participant
Michigan, Detroit $1.75 Chapter awards to chapter ranks 1-10 with themed gifts
Minnesota $2.50 Chapter awards breakfast and chapter prizes
Mississippi $1.00 TBD
Missouri, Kansas City $1.50 Local promotion for teachers
Missouri, St Louis $1.50 Amazon e-gift cards for the gold, silver and bronze medal winners
Montana $0.00 n/a
Nebraska $0.50 Chapter certificates, and prizes for the top placements
Nevada $0.00 n/a
New Hampshire $0.00 n/a
New Jersey $1.00 Scholarship
New Mexico $1.00 Prizes to the Top Ten in NM in every category
New York, Central $0.50 1.) Provide chapter prizes 2.) Ship chapter prizes 3.) Provide paper certificates to all participants
New York, Hudson Valley $0.00 n/a
New York, Metro $6.50 Awards ceremony at the end of the year: rental of the space, audio/visual, prizes, etc
New York, Nassau $2.00 Cash prizes
New York, Pays du Nord $0.00 n/a
New York, Rochester $1.50 Certificates for all participants as well as certificates and prizes for chapter winners at each level
New York, Suffolk $2.50 Prizes and supplies for our grand Distribution de Prix
New York, Westchester $4.50 Used for in-school prizes and awards ceremonies
New York, Western $0.00 n/a
North Carolina $0.00 n/a
North Dakota $0.00 n/a
Ohio $0.00 n/a
Oklahoma $0.00 n/a
Oregon $0.00 n/a
Pennsylvania, Central $0.00 n/a
Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley $0.00 n/a
Pennsylvania, Northeastern $0.50 Awards dinner and trophies
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia $0.00 n/a
Pennsylvania, Susquehanna $1.00 Chapter Remise de Prix awards ceremony where awards are presented to studuents based on their results in the Chapter
Pennsylvania, Western $0.00 n/a
Puerto Rico $0.00 n/a
Rhode Island $3.00 Chapter fees are used to fund the annual Annual Ceremony for Students of French in RI, student scholarships, as well as other student and teacher activities throughout the year
Singapore $0.00 n/a
South Carolina $0.00 n/a
South Dakota $0.00 n/a
South Korea $0.00 n/a
Tennessee $0.00 n/a
Texas, Central $0.00 n/a
Texas, East $0.00 n/a
Texas, El Paso $4.00 Trophies for the top 10 winners locally.   
Texas, Hautes Plaines $0.00 n/a
Texas, Houston $0.00 n/a
Texas, North $1.50 To help fund student events and enrichment for National French Week and the Festival Francophone
Texas, South $0.00 n/a
Unaffiliated $0.00 n/a
Utah $0.00 n/a
Virginia $1.00 Offer teachers who participate in the contest an extra beneift such as some professional development in Virginia, an immersion weekend, or prizes or recognition for their top achieving students. We have also used the money for participation raffles, prizes, and covering the cost for students at schools who need a little extra support.
Virginia, Northern $0.00 n/a
Washington and Alaska $0.00 n/a
West Virginia $0.00 n/a
Wisconsin $0.50 Plaques for schools who earn a first place in each division