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Promoting the use of technology to enhance the teaching of French language and culture.

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History of the Technology Commission

For the past decade, AATF has been vigorously promoting the use of technology to enhance the teaching of French language and culture.  In Fall 1990, the "Telematics Commission" was established by the AATF Executive Council with the primary mission of providing AATF members with information and training for use of Minitel services in teaching French. 

In cooperation with the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères and its network of Linguistic Attachés in the United States, the Telematics Commission has organized numerous workshops for training in Minitel and Internet technologies.  With the sponsorship of the MAE, the commission established the "Exploration Minitel Research Awards" during the 1992-93 academic year and the "Teaching with Internet Awards" in 1994-95.  The Telematics Commission established the AATF Gopher in Fall 1994, followed, in Fall 1995, by the AATF World Wide Web site, to provide general association news and information in addition to online technology support. 

A web page entitled "Frequently Asked Questions about the Teaching with Internet Awards" was created in Fall 1994 to provide guidance for members participating in the 1994-95 award program.  That page was the origin of this current "Teaching French with Technology" site, established in July 2000.  The commission changed its name to the "Telematics and New Technologies Commission" in Fall 1995 as a reflection of its expanded mission to support a wider range of technologies.


Goals of the Technology Commission

Goals of the TNT Commission are as follows:
  • Introduce new technologies to AATF members

  • Provide ideas to AATF members on teaching with technology

  • Recruitment of Committee Members

  • Collaboration with other commissions

  • Regular columns related to technology will be featured in the AATF National Bulletin

  • Survey on technology

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