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Information Requests, Comments, and Web Publication Policies

Please send communications to only ONE of the following individuals.

AATF Executive Council Members, Commission Chairs, and Chapter Officers: Please submit requests for publication of information to the Executive Director.

AATF Chapter Web Site Administrators: Please send requests to link chapter web sites to the Executive Director.

Posting of general announcements, links, & comments
Betty Clough, Editor Babillard / Members Bulletin Board
E-Mail: babillard@mindspring.com

National Headquarters section; National French Week section:
AATF Web site Jayne Abrate, Executive Director
E-mail: abrate@frenchteachers.org

Le Grand Concours / National French Contest
Lisa Narug, Director
E-mail: legrandconcours@sbcglobal.net

National French Honor Society
Angelica Vickers, Secretary
E-mail: shf@frenchteachers.org

The French Review Editor in Chief:
Edward Ousselin
E-mail: edward.ousselin@wwu.edu

Last update: October 24, 2015