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Outstanding Senior in French Award

View the most recent AATF Outstanding Senior Honor Roll

Click here to submit an application online.   Click here for the printable nomination form. You can use the same form for both Outstanding Senior and Excellence in French Awards.

Click here to learn more about AATF Excellence in French Awards.

Beginning in 2003, the AATF established an Outstanding High School Senior in French Award. In 2005, the Executive Council voted to extend this award to the college/university level.  Subsequently, we instituted the AATF Excellence in French Award which is open to any number of students at any level of instruction.   The guidelines are similar to those for the Outstanding Senior Award, but there is no online Honor Roll of recipients, and there is no requirement for length of French study.

Any public or private secondary school or college/university student with at least one French teacher who is an AATF member may participate. Only one name per school per year will be accepted. In the event that there are multiple French teachers or professors in a given school or department, they must decide among themselves who the nominee will be and submit only one name to the AATF. In the event of multiple submissions, only the first name received will be considered for the award, based on postmark. The nomination must be made by a current AATF member.

To qualify for the award, a student must:

  • have maintained an A average in French;
  • have maintained a B average overall;
  • be in his or her senior year at a public or private secondary school or at a public or private college or university;
  • have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the study of French by participating in extracurricular activities related to French which may include but are not limited to the Grand Concours, study abroad, National French Week activities, or French Club, Pi Delta Phi, tutoring;
  • at the time of graduation, have completed at least three years of formal French study;
  • be a non-native speaker of French;
  • be nominated by an AATF member.

Only one student per school per year will be accepted.   Excellence in French Awards are open to any number of students at any level.

Students will receive a certificate acknowledging their award and a press release to distribute to local media; a congratulatory letter will be sent to the principal or dean, and the student's name will be placed on the AATF Outstanding Senior Honor Roll on the AATF Web site (Outstanding Seniors only). The registration fee for the award is $25. For an additional $10 fee, students can also receive an Outstanding Senior in French (Armes de Paris for the Excellence in French Award) medal.

There is no deadline for this award.

Click here for the nomination form for both awards.  Click here to submit an application online.

Click here to view past winners.


Created: November 14, 2002
Last update: April 5, 2018