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The AATF National Bulletin is published four times a year (September, November, January, April). Its major focus is the presentation of information relating to the American Association of Teachers of French, news of the state of the profession of teaching French--exciting programs and experiments in teaching methods which have succeeded, the morale of teachers--and news of what is going on in France and in the Francophone world.

Deadlines for submission

September issue: deadline August 1; November issue: deadline, September 1; January issue: deadline November 1; April issue: deadline February 1

Contact the editor for information on how to submit an item: Megan Diercks

Guidelines for Authors

Click here for the guidelines for authors.

Articles of interest

Click here to see a number of articles of interest that have been placed on line.

Regular Features

  • AATF Presidential Message - every issue
  • Calendar of events - every issue
  • Call for proposals for annual convention - September & November issues
  • Commission Features - nearly every issue
  • Promotion in Motion
  • Classroom Activity - nearly every issue
  • Convention preliminary program - April issue
  • Convention registration information - April issue
  • Election results - January issue
  • Executive Council & Commission Chairs contact information - every issue
  • Executive Director's message - every issue
  • FLES* Poster Contest - November & January issues
  • Fund for the Future acknowledgements - November issue
  • National French Week Contests - April & September issues
  • National French Week materials ordering information - April & September issues
  • Materials Center - every issue
  • Regional Reports - every issue
  • Salut les jeunes! - every issue
  • Scholarship information - November & January issues as available
  • Small Grant Awards - September, November & January issues
  • Teacher Awards - November & January issues
  • Award Winners - September or November issues

In addition to these regular features, there are articles on a variety of topics from civilization, culture, current events, computers and technology, fellowships, grammar and vocabulary, and anything else related to the teaching of French.

All of these materials whether used in the regular features or elsewhere, come from AATF members. Please note that contributions are accepted from the membership only. Rarely, an item of special merit that the editor has discovered will be included by invitation because of its value to the membership. Items in English and in French are accepted. However, authors are urged to write in the language in which they can communicate most effectively. Items which are not in the author's native language should be carefully proofread by a native speaker before submission.

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Created: November 1, 2000
Last update: May 2, 2018