AATF Exemplary French Program with Honors

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
AATF member: Jessica Miller



Our classes are student-centered and promote la Francophonie so as to provide multiple perspectives and celebrate the diversity inherent to French studies. We want to develop students’ language proficiency while helping them develop cultural knowledge. At the same time, it is important for students to see the relevancy of learning and using multiple languages here and now, which is why we try to develop local partnerships. For more details on course descriptions and sample lessons, visit http://people.uwec.edu/MILLERJS/

Graduates of the UW-Eau Claire French program who today work in fields as varied as sales, translation, and education, credit their professors and their college experiences for their success. Andrew Karsten, now pursuing a Master’s in Linguistics at Indiana University, is “immensely grateful for the hard-work, thoughtful planning, and dedication to students that [he has] seen consistently demonstrated by all the professors in the Department.” Kayla Noel further explains: “My degree in French has allowed me to be a part of the translation industry and use my foreign language skills in a rewarding career. I look back on my language learning journey and see how far I’ve come. It takes a program that offers more than just grammar lessons but real-world applications and discussions as well as opportunities to get involved and I feel strongly that the French program at UWEC doesn’t fall short in offering these key elements and is an outstanding French program.” Erin Hasenfang continues: “My experiences in the French courses made me look at a language degree in a different light. UWEC helped me realize that with a French degree […] the opportunities were as limitless as the culture itself. […] One of the main reasons I got a job in sales after graduation was because of my ability to speak French.”

Dr. Carter Smith, Chair of the Department of Languages, describes the French section as an important part of the Department, noting its positive contributions to quality curricula, high-impact practices, and collaborations across disciplines and K-16, both in and outside of the university: “the French section of the Department of Languages is a vital component of our mission to promote multilingualism and intercultural understanding.”

Some experiences that set the UW-Eau Claire French program apart are study-abroad and intercultural domestic immersion opportunities, field trips to local elementary schools to teach French, community partnerships for service-learning options, and a focus on developing proficiency through Francophone culture thanks to professors with a wide range of expertise.inside-content

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Created: May 29, 2017
Last Update: May 29, 2017