AATF Exemplary French Program with Honors

Lakeridge Junior High School (UT)
AATF member: Ryan Rocque


The French program at Lakeridge Junior High has existed since the opening of the school in 1976. The program has seen a lot of changes since then. I took over in 2003, with only five small French sections. The French numbers have continuously risen every year. 2015 was the first year that a second French teacher was hired, and enrollments have doubled.

Students at Lakeridge Junior High can begin French 1 as 7th graders, and then continue on to French 2 and French 3. Our students then continue on to one of two high schools, Mountain View and Orem High School, both of which have great French programs. In these schools, they can continue with French 4 and A.P. French. Many of my students will take the A.P. exam in 10th grade during French 4, but others will wait and do the test in 11th grade. Concurrent Enrollment is also available in French at the high school.

Since its inception, my vision of the French program here at Lakeridge has been to take English speakers and teach them to understand, appreciate, love, and live à la française. I have emphasized the importance of gaining high levels of proficiency and adopting new perspectives on other cultures. We incorporate cultural aspects of the entire French-speaking world, not just mainland France. Students embrace culture, consider others’ viewpoints, and adopt new ways of thinking. My vision includes a hands-on approach, where students play with language, live language, and participate in real-life learning.

My approach is very systematic. I have worked with my Spanish colleagues to develop a common pacing guide, common assessments, and common standards, which align with our state core and ACTFL’s national standards. We have always emphasized speaking, culture, and having wonderful memories and experiences that allow students to love the language.

Our school was a blue ribbon school, and has been awarded Best of State four years in a row. We believe our mission, vision, and values, which focus on developing strong professional learning communities, has been a great asset to helping us succeed at developing strong language learners. We have a ton of love, support, and respect from our community. They have supported us through their participation in our various activities, to awarding us with money to make our dreams a reality. There is a real sense of community here at Lakeridge and in Orem, and this has been a wonderful benefit to the French program. I have been able to teach many generations of families, all of whom loved Lakeridge and loved French.

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Created: May 29, 2017
Last Update: August 12, 2017