Paper and Pencil Testing FAQ

Q: [What materials are needed?]
A: Students will need a test booklet, a number two pencil, and a machine scorable answer sheet provided by the Contest. Note: we can only score answer sheets provided by us. Photocopies or other types of machine scannable sheets will not be scorable and will be returned to the teacher.
Q: [Do I need a neutral proctor?]
A: Yes. Teachers may NOT proctor their own students.
Q: [Do students need to take the entire Contest at one time?]
A: No! The on-line Contest is divided into Part A (Listening Comprehension) and Part B (Language in Context and Reading Comprehension.) Students may take the entire Contest in a one hour session, or they may take take Part A one day and Part B the next. Proctors must follow the divided testing procedure.

Q: [Do students need to all test at the same time?]
A: Yes. All students in a level must test at the same time (the different levels may test at different days/times, but all level 1 students must test with level 1, all level 2 with all other level 2, etc.). To maintain test security, a make-up Contest or alternate testing times are not permitted.

Q: [What instructions do the proctors need to follow?]
A: Proctors instructions

Q: [My CD is not working. What should I do?]
A: Please check CDs before Contest administration.  If the CD does not appear to work, test on another CD player. CDs are tested as they are produced and it is highly unlikely that a CD will be defective.The most common cause cause for CDs not playing is the CD player that is used. 
Note: if you use Itunes to play the CD, make sure the tracks are sorted in the correct order.