Contest Administration Guidelines

Teachers will access the Contest by following the information in the order confirmation sent via e-mail. After logging in to their account on Lingco, they will invite students or forward the appropriate link to the students.

NEW 2022: Teachers must provide students with the secret code in order for students to access the 2022 Contest.



General Information:

On-line testing FAQ

2022 Contest restrictions

Students may access review tests an unlimited number of times.

Student may only submit their answers to the 2022 Contest ONE TIME.

Interrupted Contest

If there are technical problems such as a power failure, internet interruptions that affect an entire class or verifiable problems with the device the student is using, we may be able to re-set the student.


In these situations, for the purpose of fairness to all students, we may not be able to re-set the student.  Please contact for assistance.

All requests must be documented in writing. No phone calls will be accepted.

updated February 2022