Fees Charged by Local Chapters

Chapters charge a fee, in addition to National fees to cover local expenses such as chapter prizes, scholarships, etc. These fees will be reflected in the total amount due of your Contest order. Questions about local fees? Contact your Contest Administrator.

If your chapter is NOT listed below, there are no additional fees above the National fees.


2021 Chapter

Chapter award



Amazon gift cards



Amazon gift cards & French flair for top ranking students in chapter 



prize money for top 3 state winners in each level.

California, Northern


shippings, scholarships, prizes, administrator stipend

California, Southern


Refreshments and small gifts for the laureats at the Remise des Prix ceremony we hold in May

Colorado and Wyoming


To help schools with underprivileged students participate in the Contest,to provide breakfast at the AATF CO/WY fall meeting andto begin a fund to have a Concours teacher's breakfast to recognize and appreciate those who participate in the Contest



Chapter Awards - monetary awards to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the state level



student scholarships and teacher grants

Illinois, Chicago and Northern


t-shirt prizes and Amazon gift certificates for teachers to use for their students

Illinois, Downstate


t-shirt prizes and Amazon gift certificates for teachers to use for their students

Indiana, Northwest


chapter medals for top 5 from each level, a small gift card for each chapter winner, light refreshments for award ceremony each May, and mailing of chapter awards



Student cash awards to students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the state

Massachusetts, Eastern


recruit new AATF members as well as boost Concours registration



used to buy prizes for all participants

Michigan, Detroit


Chapter awards to chapter ranks 1-10 with themed gifts



We will continue to offer $2000 in travel/study vouchers and if possible we will hold an awards breakfast in May.



towards awards for materials for state contests for National French Weeks, etc.

Missouri, Kansas City


Student awards

Missouri, St Louis


Amazon e-gift cards for the gold, silver and bronze medal winners



chapter certificates, and prizes for the top placements

New Jersey


scholarships to students studying French at the university

New Mexico


Funds for prizes and expenses

New York, Central


Purchasing and shipping chapter prizes

New York, Metro


awards ceremony at the end of the year: rental of the space, audio/visual, prizes, etc

New York, Suffolk


for prizes and supplies for our grand Distribution de Prix

New York, Westchester


used for prizes and awards ceremonies

Pennsylvania, Northeastern


awards dinner and trophies

Pennsylvania, Susquehanna


Chapter Remise de Prix awards ceremony

Rhode Island


chapter fees are used to fund the annual Annual Ceremony for Students of French
in RI, student scholarships, as well as other student and teacher activities throughout the year

Texas, El Paso


trophies for the top 10 or another type of prize for students 

Texas, North


to help fund student events and enrichment for National French Week and the Festival Francophone



participation raffles,  a small thank you (Amazon gift cards) to participating teachers, and prizes for our top Virginia students



Plaques for schools who earn a first place in each division